How to Find Your Facebook Search History

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We all know search engines and other web information companies collects your search data, even Facebook also collects and stores your search history. You can easily see What you have searched on Facebook from your activity log. If you were not knowing that then I must say you should know these things because it matters in many ways for few of us and nothing for many.
Facebook search history is just like your activity log and Facebook keeps everything that you searched on Facebook, whether is a person, people or group. This record can be easily used to find your interest and predict your behaviors, How ?
Suppose you have searched for Nokia’s product and you want to purchase a Nokia smartphone and then you will start seeing related ads to your interest and automatically other predictions will be done for you. Like what ads are related to you, recommended pages, persons you may know and other things as well.keyboard-70836_640
These things become annoying for many guys and there is a simple step to find out your “Facebook Search History”.

How to Find “Facebook Search History”

  • Open your Facebook account by entering your login cardinals
  • Now Open your Profile page and click on Activity log tab after change profile tab. (You can also open it from right side option menu). Screenshot_071714_071055_PM
  • Do the same on Mobile devices.
  • Now you can see More option, click on it. Screenshot_071714_070856_PM
  • Look up for search history there. Now days Facebook already hide your search activity from others by default and it won,t shows up to others. See the help page here. I never see my search history but sometime when I log in to my friends and family member’s account, first thing that I do is, checking their messages and then “Facebook search history” that says all the story of anyone.
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    How to Install Whatsapp on IPads and Ipods

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    There are many alternatives of Whatsapp for Ipads are available but many of us are geek and we love to do things that are usually from other’s interest, thus installing Whatsapp on IPod and IPads can be fun for you.
    You probably know Whatsapp does not support IPad and Ipod but still there is a way by which you can install Whatsapp on IPad using a very easy and smart method. It is little time consuming but works well.
    What are the requirements ?
    Let me clear you first, you don’t have to jailbreak your device so don’t worry.
    • Of course an Ipod touch or IPad.
    • An Iphone.
    • Itunes and Ifunbox (It is a free alternative of ITunes and can be downloaded from :- for transferring files.
    • ipad-249417_640

    How to Install Whatsapp On IPad

    First of all you need to download Whatsapp and then transfer it to Ipad. It will not work until you copy registration data of Whatsapp app from a fresh installed Iphone using I-Funbox.
    Not getting it ?
    Ok here we go :-
    Download Whatsapp on Ipad
    First of all download Whatsapp using ITunes, it will not take too much time. Now close ITunes and open I-FunBox and navigate to Whatsapp.ipa file (better to copy it on desktop from ITunes music folder). Now after coping it you can see the app icon on your screen but it’s not working yet and you have to fix it. Unplug you IPad for now.
    Fixing Whatsapp by Copying Registration Data
    One Whatsapp account runs only on one device (one number per app), so you can use alternative number that you are using. Now you need an Iphone and if you don’t have one bought it from any friend. After it uninstall Whatsapp from that phone if already installed and then install and setup Whatsapp account again.
    Now connect your Iphone to your computer and copy registration data using I-FunBox.
    [ Go to User application and then double click on Whatsapp Icon and then copy library and documents folder]
    We got what we want now unplug Iphone and plug IPad again. Copy Whatsapp library and documents folder in same path on your IPad.

    Read the tutorial carefully it's not that hard to install Whatsapp On IPad or IPod

    Whatsapp Alternative for IPad and IPod

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    Whatsapp messenger can not run on Apple’s Ipads and Ipods because Whatsapp Inc. Yet does not support these platforms and you can get a better alternative to Whatsapp on your Ipads and Ipods. You can install Whatsapp on Ipad or Ipod touch if you have an Iphone, but it’s too lengthy work and only a die heart fan will love to do that. There are many Whatsapp alternatives for Ipad and Ipod.
    Let’s see them :-
    1. Skype :- Skype is evergreen messenger app that is similar to Whatsapp and has been copied by many new messengers like Viber, We chat and many others but still Skype is best for Skype to Skype calling and chats with Facebook + Skype friends. Although Skype does not uses Phone numbers so you have to remember your username.
    2. Google Hangout :- As a Googler or any of Google product user, you already have a Google Talk or messenger account which is replaced by Hangout and it’s best than ever because of many reasons but the only con is not well emotions and smiley in them.
    These Two are most popular and best to use alternative and if we compare them with Whatsapp, then it never going to compete both of these messengers but yet there are many other alternatives too likewise :-
    • :- Telegram is a huge competitor of Whatsapp because it is available for all platform, yes! all means desktops (as a web app) Chrome extension and many other. I can say it is a best alternative of Whatsapp at every level, feature and quality.
    • WeChat, Line, Facetime, Groupme and Trillian are the similar product that can replace messenger only chatting and if you didn’t find any good alternative for you use for getting more suggestions.

    Whatsapp for Mac

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    I love using Whatsapp more than any other messenger and using It on Windows is previously explained about us but what for Mac users ?
    Here we are going to give you trick by which you can run Whatsapp on Mac. Just like Windows, Whatsapp for Mac is not available.
    Running Whatsapp on your mac pc is not that easy as you think but it can be that easy too.
    You can install Whatsapp on Mac using these two methods, so let’s get started.twitter-292993_640

    Whatsapp for Mac using Bluestacks

    There are many emulators in app market like Bluestacks, you can download and install Bluestacks on your Mac and then set it up as a new Android device. After setting your account on playstore, you can install Whatsapp app from playstore. There is no specific Whatsapp for Mac. There are many Android Emulator available for Mac or you can see all emulators support both Windows and Mac.
    Whatsapp for Mac without Bluestacks
    Screenshot_070614_115615_AMIf you have a I-Phone you can use Notifyr or any similar replace for it, so when you get a message on your whatsapp it will notify your Mac.You can not reply messages but still you can read it while on work direct from your Macbook or Mac computer. This works for many and I prefer this too because using bluestack just because Whatsapp for Mac is not available is not a good idea.
    There two ways are prefer to get a replace for Whatsapp for Mac or you can say running Whatsapp on any of your Mac devices.

    Free YouTube Video Downloaders

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    I download YouTube Videos using Online YouTube downloaders, they are few useful websites that help you to download videos in as many formats and resolutions possible. Now here I am going to talk about few free YouTube Video downloaders for windows that help you to download online streaming videos.
    If you are a desktop, laptop lover instead of smartphone and tablets and love watching videos within browsers then you have probably faced problem with extensions, web apps and that ruins your fun but having a separate YouTube downloader may help you allot.

    Free YouTube Downloader

    Screenshot_070314_031604_PMFree YouTube Downloader is a product of Freemake and it requires an optional converter programs to convert downloaded video to any format. This downloader has an additional feature called “one click download” that catches link of URLs and downloads then after selecting optional parameters.
    You can download it from

    Youtube Video and Audio Downloader

    This downloader is very basic and simple because it does not provide additional feature like different formats and also helps to download video in Audio.Screenshot_070314_035542_PM


    YTD has got an update recently but downloader is at it’s best and available for free and paid version.
    You can download and read more about it here on

    Flash Video Downloader

    If you are Firefox love then you are going to love this one because it has a cool extension for both Firefox and Chrome. This is very old downloader but does it’s job perfectly and can be downloaded from here.


    Screenshot_070314_052907_PMVdownloader is just a simple alternative with lite size and program health. Vdownloader is less than 1 MB and download files in multiple formats you can find it on softonic or


    MassTube has it’s official website on a .cl domain name clearing that comes from Chile developers. It is a light weight downloader and supports almost every format possible and you can also download videos in audio format using it.
    Related search Terms :-

  • Youtube Downloader
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  • youtube video downloader online free
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    How to Download DailyMotion Videos

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    Hi! Guys it’s been long that I have posted here but now our writer team will be writing continue here, so first of all starting with downloading daily motion videos. Dailymotion is a video service just like YouTube but for me it’s better than many reasons like not fake videos of songs, full length songs and original songs not recorded videos. YouTube is full of that when it comes to listening and watching songs and most important it’s easy to find Bollywood songs and videos on Daily Motion because of the better layout and fewer data consumption for me.
    If you have read terms and condition or have ever heard that download videos from daily motion then I will suggest you to read terms and condition page again. Downloading Dailymotion video is not illegal because you are saving them for offline view, the illegal things is reproducing videos without publisher’s permission or rights.
    For those who don’t know

    What is Daily Motion and is Downloading Dailymotion Videos is legal ?

    You can read Dailymotion’s About page here, It’s a video streaming service just like YouTube or you can say a video hosting service for video publisher, media giants or anyone. It was founded on 2005 of march and later started generating revenue from contextual ads and video ads. As same as other video streaming sites, Dailymotion holds the right of video for owners and does not let others reproduce your videos for commercial use. So as it is clear that you can them for watching them offline and it’s not an illegal activity. If you are reproducing videos then it can be troubled but as per DailyMotion’s privacy policy, downloading is restricted but I think they don’t know streaming and downloading are same if we will talk about rendering data.dailymotion
    Well for me that does matter, it is legal or not I love downloading my favorite music videos for watching and listing them later.

    How to Download Dailymotion Videos

    There are many ways you can download Dailymotion videos and I am going to list them one by one. First of all if you have heard about many online video downloading web services they are very useful to download videos and I prefer them instead of installing any downloader on my Windows Laptop, but you can also install downloaders too. So let’s get started with few methods :-
    Method 1 :- Downloading with KeepVid
    Keepvid is very easy to use just copy the video song and paste it in Keepvid. The video will fetch by it and will provide you download links for the video. Check out here our article about .
    Method 2 :- and alternative of Keepvid is another good web service that downloads the video files from Dailymotion and other video streaming websites. You can get videos link in MP4 formats and a list of supported website from it’s main website.

    Both website requires Java installed on your machine.
    Well these two are my favorite websites from where I download my favorite Dailymotion videos. You can check out this list for more web video downloader apps similar to keepvid and

    Download DailyMotion Videos on Android Phones

    On Android phones you can use Tubemate to download Dailymotion videos, just visit the link and see how tubemate works. If you are using DailyMotion’s Android app then just select the share option and choose tubemate as share agent and tubemate will preview the available formats.

    Download DailyMotion videos using downloaders

    Downloading online videos is so easy that’s why using any downloaders for them is just waste of time because of many reasons but still you can use free video downloaders to download videos from online streaming websites. I can suggest you to use
    Otherwise you can see out list of top downloaders for video.

    Download Videos From WebSites (Online Video Streaming Websites)

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    I have been downloading videos from online video streaming websites since a long ago but haven’t notice about quick, easy and useful websites that provides you download links for your interest video stored on YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion. Now I decided to create a list of websites that download videos from websites.
    First of all something that you should know about downloading videos from online streaming websites that you can not reproduce or modify videos without author’s or website’s
    Now heading up to our main topic

    How to Download Videos From Websites ?

    You can easily download videos from dailymotion and other video networks by using web services that allows you to download these videos and fetch links for you.

    Here is a list of website that allows downloading videos from online streaming websites :-

    • :- Keepvid is easiest web service and has a MP3 downloader web app too(Separate website) but sometimes it works slow because of heavy usage. It allow maximum formats available of the video.
    • (Very easy to use with YouTube, just add ss before YouTube in URL).
    • :-
    These are the web apps or you can say websites that works always and smoother. Some of them has premium feature like web extension but you have to pay for it. All streaming video downloader web app requires you to install java to run their scripts.

    Chit Chat A Good Replacement for Facebook Messenger for Windows

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    Instant messaging is inescapable these days, albeit through your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

    At the time of writing, Facebook is one of the most popular instant messaging networks – however, they decided last year to stop supporting Microsoft Windows with their desktop application and focus on their in-browser, android and iOS applications.

    Enter Chit Chat for Facebook; Chit Chat is an unofficial Facebook Messenger replacement (Link for website). In a stance, Chit Chat simply allows you to connect to Facebook chat like a traditional desktop instant messaging client.

    Chit Chat offers a substantial amount of instant messaging functionality – tabbed instant messenger window, chat history and the ability to customize quite extensively – including colours, emoticons and fonts.

    Those of you that live in countries with a turbulent relationship with Facebook will be pleased to note that the application supports the ability to connect through a proxy server.

    Over the past four years, Facebook have changed their instant messaging protocol a number of times – Chit Chat seems to have kept up with the pace of change. It’s nice to see that the instant messenger is well supported.

    On the negative side, whilst the interface is easy to use and looks OK it’s not the most modern of visuals. You won’t find any flat or metro inspired interface here. The interface is curvy and feels a little overpowering rather than minimalistic. How Chit Chat looks is perhaps in line with the trends and styles of GUI (graphical user interface) at the time of release (2009), that typical blue gradient style that donned the Windows instant messengers of old – remember MSN Messenger?

    Whilst Chit Chat may be overdue an interface refresh, it is a fully functionality and easy to use desktop Facebook Messenger application for your windows computer. Indeed, even those whom are not that technically minded will find Chit Chat a breeze to use as it’s so intuitive.

    Technically minded users will be pleased to hear about the applications easy to use shortcut keys that empower users to control all areas of the instant messenger, including the buddy list with shortcut keys. My personally favourite is what the authors call “Boss Mode” which essentially involves pressing Ctrl + M to minimise all windows to help prevent prying eyes from your conversations. We all have rather private conversions from time to time on our computers – and Chit Chat has kept that in mind.

    One of my pet peeves of the web-based Facebook Messenger is that you’ve literally got no idea who has recently signed on and signed off – Chit Chat addresses that issue with toast messages – i.e. messages that pop up like toast in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop by the clock.

    In summary, the free Chit Chat for Facebook is worth a try for those of you that need something to fill the void that Facebook left when they abandoned the Windows chat desktop marketplace.
    If you know any better messenger that you are using let us know.


    KeepVid A Online Video Downloading Service

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    Hi! Guys Here I am going to introduce you with a online Video downloader website that fetch download links of online video streaming websites like YouTube, DailyMotion and many other website.

    Most important thing about “Keepvid” is it helps you when you want to save a video for offline enjoyment.

    These kind of website does not allows you to reproduce content they just downloads videos for your offline use, they don’t provide you any authority to reproduce or modify the work of video owners.

    Each video on a streaming website has it’s own copyright policy decided by publisher, creator or website.

    What is “ is a webapp that provides you download links from following video streaming websites :-

    Dailymotion, 4shared, 5min, 9you,, Aniboom,, Break,, Clipser,, CollegeHumor, Cracked, Current,,, eHow, eBaumsWorld, Ensonhaber, Facebook, Flickr, Flukiest, FunnyJunk, FunnyOrDie,, Metacafe, MySpace, Ning, Photobucket, RuTube, SoundCloud, Stagevu, TED, Tudou, TwitVid, VBOX7, videobb,, Veoh, Vimeo,

    More over it also helps downloading many other online video streaming website not listed here.

    How to Download Videos with KeepVidScreenshot_061914_103847_PM

    ’Downloading Videos with KeepVid is very easy, first of all you have to install java on your machine if you are using any device that does not supports java then you can not use Keepvid’s service.

    After installing java just copy the download link of video and Go to and then paste it in Video URL box and click on download button, that’s it. KeepVid will fetch video links for you and you will see available formats and their size. Click on link to download videos.


    Hashtag Engine Optimization :- Upcoming Social Media Trend

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    Hi! Guys it’s been long for me have posted about SEO because I was not getting time for this blog but now finished with my content writing service, so I can fully focus here to write and share my experience with my readers. Now talking about our main topic in this article “ Hash tag optimization”.

    I have written a article about about driving traffic with it. Hashtag is being a trend these day in social media and you can use hashtag analytics for hash tag optimization in professional way and can easily search hashtags which are trending or can drive traffic to your post.

    Starting with the basic :-

    What is Hashtag Engine optimization (Optimizing hashtag in social Media)

    If you know what are hash tags then you have seen trending topics on your social media (Facebook and Twitter). Screenshot_061714_071100_PMScreenshot_061714_071229_PM

    If you have optimized any of trending hash tags then you will be blessed with huge traffic by social media giants. You can click and see on any hash tag you will see a future story which is optimized with hash tag and there you have chance to hit a tribute for your article/post. Hashtag plays a important roll for generating more view for your posts in social media and search engine as well. After killer Google algorithms SEO tactic are changed and it takes SEO experts to understand new algorithms so here HEO (Hash tag engine optimization) can help you with it.

    You can find, analyze and optimize for a hash tag easily with help of TagCandy and it’s free to try for first 15 days with full features.

    Hash tag makes you content more durable and found to new users and here you need to know which hash tag is for your use, just like keyword research, hashtag research is also important to drive traffic with it.

    You can use service provided by HEOs like TagCandy as it offers some great features :-

    • Trending Hashtag data :- You don’t have to find any hashtag data directory to be a watch dog for hash tags of your relates, you can see live reports and useful result generating hashtag with it.
    • Gender analysis :- Most important thing that SEO can not do but social media profile can do for you and hashtags also help in gender analytics. If I can generate 80% male visitors on a Gadget blog then my affiliate earning, ad sense earning can be boost dramatically increase because I will be targeting a perfect auditions.
    • Device and Geo analysis :- This is another factor every marketer should keep in mind and you can find hashtags by device and geo locations too with Tagcandy.

    Over all generating traffic with hash tag is not that easy if you don’t have good tools, technique and data. TagCandy helps you in doing this by providing you required tools, techniques and data by categories features.

    Let us know what you think about Hashtag optimization.